About Stories Matter

Our founder, Aishwarya Jalnapurkar, set up Stories Matter in 2018 with a passion for stories and the English language. At Stories Matter, we believe everyone has a story worth telling and they deserve a chance to tell it. We facilitate the documentation of stories of people and organisations. Taking time to document one’s story gives a fresh insight into one’s experiences, an opportunity to revisit struggles and successes, reconnect with key people, at an emotional and personal level, and simultaneously acknowledge their contribution in one’s beautiful journey called LIFE. It is also a chance to present your VISION for the future. Apart from curating books, at Stories Matter, we also offer content writing services. At Stories Matter, we believe that language should not be a barrier for progress. We offer personalised Conversational English sessions for professionals, students, kids and housewives. Being passionate about stories, we like to spread the story bug. We are involved in organising Storytelling and Creative Writing workshops for children. We also do Book-Reading Sessions for various communities of all ages.

To know more, contact us at info@storiesmatter.in


About The Founder

Aishwarya Jalnapurkar

MA in English Literature from the University of Sheffield, I started Stories Matter due to my passion for documenting oral narratives. I believe that narrativising your story not only gives fresh insight into your experiences but also makes sure that your story is heard and valued by generations to come. I have worked on several research papers throughout my academic course of study and have presented a paper in a National level conference on Oral Narratives, which has given me experience in collecting data through research and turning it into palatable stories. My passion for languages has encouraged me to not only pursue a Masters in English Literature, but also to learn French. Through my trials in learning French, I’ve realised that an interactive approach to learning a language is much more effective than an instructive approach. I adopt an interactive approach in my Conversational English sessions where both parties involved consistently use the language and make it a part of their daily life, rather than limiting it to certain spheres of life. The more one uses a language, the better they become at it. I love to spread the story bug, and have noticed the decreasing interest in reading books in the younger generation. At same time, I am also aware of the role that reading plays in one’s personality development. At Stories Matter, we offer Book-Reading Sessions; as well as Story-telling and Creative Writing workshops for kids.

If you have a story to tell, get in touch at info@storiesmatter.in