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Selling in India: The Journey of a Salesman

50 years of existence. 28 years of sales. 50 unique stories.

Sometimes funny, sometimes tragic, but always intriguing and entertaining, Selling in India is a collection of real life stories with illustrations of Riddhish’s experiences of selling in one of the most diverse and difficult markets in the world: India. Embark on this roller coaster of a journey through Riddhish’s experiences as he takes you through his epiphanies one story at time.


Riddhish Jalnapurkar, passionate about sales, has worked for Indian and global companies in top sales positions since 1991 until July 2019. After 28 years of non-stop sales, few thousand flights, car rides, and millions of kilometers of travel within India and around the world, he founded Sales Insight India, a company geared towards helping companies and people improve their sales and marketing game. He lectures frequently to professional groups and business audiences and on college campuses. He is now focusing his time and energy on sharing his wealth of experience and insights with everyone actively involved in Selling in India.

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