Coffee Table Books

Stories make us who we are. Stories not only anchor us through past experience, but also decide our future direction. Stories inspire. Stories teach.

Whether you are an industry (small or large scale), corporate firm, an entrepreneur, an NGO, a cultural institution, or organisation, there’s story behind your success.

To document your stories of struggle and success would mean to solidify it for future generations to read and learn from. It will also mean concretising your vision for the future.

At Stories Matter, the aim is to document your story as a coffee table book with your vision and my linguistic expertise, created through curation of your past and present experiences, interviews, photographs, letters, and much more.

The objective: To narrate your story from your perspective.

The experience of creation of your book is highly tailored to your needs and vision.

What you will gain out of this exercise:

  • A comprehensive coffee table book telling YOUR success story
  • A fresh insight into your past experiences and struggles
  • A chance to reinvent your brand aesthetic through retelling your story
  • A chance to have your story heard and immortalised
  • A keepsake forever

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Conversational English

Acknowledging the dire need for proficiency in conversational English, at Stories Matter, we offer customised and interactive Conversational English learning sessions for professionals, students, kids and housewives.

Here’s why good conversational English is important:

  • Makes the first impression to the outside world.
  • Builds self-confidence
  • Effective and clear communication
  • Break the barrier to holistic growth

The sessions are interactive rather than instructive, and have ample ongoing conversational practice.

The pedagogy of these sessions is different for professionals, students, kids and housewives.

For kids, the approach is more playful, fun and vocabulary oriented, to build confidence is using English as a language, and to improve social communications using English.

For students and staff, the approach is anchored towards improving corporate communications and building better conversational English for professional work.

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Content Writing

Looking for someone to write content for you without grammatical mistakes?

Do you want your content to be clear, concise, simple and engaging?

Then you have come to the right place. Stories Matter ensures content that is engaging, coherent, simple and customised to your requirements. And with us being in the business of writing books, you can rest assured that you will receive impeccable content.

Driven by our passion for writing, we offer writing services for all your content needs. Be it blogs, web content, website content, Instagram posts, or Facebook posts.

At Stories Matter, we first seek to understand your needs and then provide you with customised content, with as many revisions as required.

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Kid’s Workshops

At Stories Matter, we know that reading and writing skills are best developed from an early age. That is why, we organise Book-Reading and Creative Writing workshops for kids where they learn to think creatively, write confidently and read well in an engaging manner, with fun activities and games.

Our workshops are aimed at improving the following skills:

  • Creative Writing
  • Reading
  • Vocabulary
  • Team work

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